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At kingstonfeet you can be confident that both you and your feet will be treated with great care and attention to detail, in a comfortable, relaxing environment.

From your first contact we hope you will enjoy a friendly and caring service - we want you to get the appointment you need quickly, so you can get on with your life in comfort again.

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Jo Lea


Hi, I’m Jo Lea,

I am passionate about restoring comfort to patients who have foot pain and feel a bit anxious about taking off their shoes to show someone else their feet! Having worked for over 10 years in an NHS hospital high risk diabetic foot clinic, you really can’t show me anything that will surprise me.

Jo Lea and familyOver my years in Podiatry, more than 15 in private practice, I have seen an enormous variety of painful foot problems. I particularly enjoy treating verrucae using our new Swift microwave technology, restoring beautiful nails with medical toenail reconstruction for infected or damaged toenails or nail surgery as well as all aspects of routine podiatry and diabetic footcare - so long as you feel nurtured and comfortable at the end of your appointment.

When I’m not working I love to spend time with my family, walking in the local area (especially Richmond Park) with friends and their dogs, sitting around the dining table; eating and chatting with friends and travelling to far flung places to experience different food and cultures.

Saffron Wilson

Saffron new team member Podiatrist

Hi, I'm Saffron,

I graduated with a degree in Podiatry in 2016. Before joining kingstonfeet in 2020, I worked as a Podiatrist in the private sector for a small clinic and also a large retail chain. I have found all clinics were fun and have their own style and ways of working with patients.

I have a broad interest in Podiatry from routine care (skin and nail conditions), insole therapy, wound care and nail surgery.  Alongside Podiatry I have also studied reflexology, massage and acupuncture - I find all aspects of healthcare really interest me.

Outside of work, I enjoy watching documentaries and films. I spend my free-time learning about all things mind, body and soul with recent interests being meditation, astrology and qigong. On the weekends you can find me spending time in Bushy Park or trying new restaurants - my current favourite being Korean.


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Jane Masucci at kingstonfeet

Hi, I’m Jane,

I am particularly enthusiastic to share my expertise in skin and nail care as well as all aspects of foot health. I coordinate the treatments for painful ingrowing toenails and nail surgery, using a local anaesthetic for pain relief if required! However, I’m equally happy to put a spring back into your stride if you have a painful corn or joint imbalance -  simple insoles are quick to make and I like to rise to the challenge.

Jane and her dogJo and I met in 1994 whilst working at West Middlesex Hospital and we have had some fun working together since then in Claygate and now Kingston for over 14 years.

I keep really busy working as Practice Manager for Masucci Podiatry, my husband’s Podiatric Surgery business and keep fit walking my dog in Richmond Park and Ham Lands. I enjoy spending time with my lively family, reading and attending local music concerts.

Jo Conway

Jo Conway at kingstonfeet

Hi, I’m Jo (the other Jo!),

As well as looking after routine needs, I specifically enjoy working out the muscular, joint and bone related causes of your foot pain, whatever your age. Taking a thorough medical history, doing a thorough standing assessment, as well as analysing the way you walk, I aim to build a unique diagnosis and treatment plan to suit you, your needs and lifestyle.

Jo Conway off dutyChildren are most welcome, podopaediatrics (the study of children feet) is part of my specialist interest along with sports injuries for all ages.

I’m keen to include a course of stretching, rehabilitation and temporary or permanent orthotics as required, to help restore your normal activity and comfort.

Outside of work, I love to keep up to date and I am currently undertaking further studies in biomechanics, but I always have time for my family and enjoy having fun with my little niece and nephew as well as cooking and dancing.

Andy Lea

Practice Manager - not clinical !
Hi - I am Andy Lea,
I am married to Jo, kingstonfeet’s business owner. As Practice Manager, I am delighted to be able to help this growing practice move to the next stage, with a bigger team and (soon in 2021) with a new treatment room.
After 35 years in airline and airport process work I decided to work with Jo on business process improvement and practice management. I am finding healthcare to be similar to airline and airports in that both are in the business of looking after people - consistently and well.
I am more than happy to fix a technical problem or develop a process, make things run more smoothly for our patients and staff, but more than anything I love to talk with people and find out more about what makes them tick. I really appreciate an engaging real-life story, the sillier and more unusual the better !
I ski fast but not very elegantly - I love to travel and find Eastern Europe and Asia fascinating. At the weekends I like to try out new recipes on friends and family - often involving something a little different. I love listening to Joni Mitchell and appreciate a great hi-fi.
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All our podiatrists are Podiatry Degree qualified, HCPC registered and are members of the College of Podiatry.

We have strong working relationships with local NHS and private Podiatric Surgeons, should a surgical opinion be required, as well as potential onward referrals for imaging, blood tests and therapeutic injections.

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